So, sometimes you get lucky. You get to go to work every day doing something you love. Or, in my case, working in a field I love. 

I have the fortune to be surrounded completely by so many creative outlets, and that's pretty awesome. I work for a vintage clothing design company, do my own freelance design, blog pretty often on a few different mediums, and am always in the company of people who love and work in music. 

All bragging aside, it can be very inspiring. But, it can also be very exhausting.

You go to work all week, and stare at a computer, probably unblinkingly. The last thing you want to do when you go home, is continue to stare at a computer unblinkingly. It's so easy to plop onto the couch with your delivery Thai and binge watch New Girl until bedtime. And at times, that's so damn necessary. Take a break, sometimes. Do what you're not supposed to do and be lazy. Ignore emails if you can. Just let it go. But don't let it go too far.

Because when you do freelance.. it's all about your strength.

The hardest part is finding the willpower to sit in front of your computer after a day of work and write. Or design. Or edit. And once you can do this, you'll notice your brain contemplating it more and more. You're sitting at a bus stop and you see an older woman rocking out with Beats® and, suddenly, you have an entire story in your brain. You pass a bench advertisement and a design concept flashes before your eyes. Just getting out there, and doing your best to surround your self with what you love, even when it's the hardest thing, will push you further and further. 

Immerse yourself. Even if you friends don't do what you do, find a connection in any possible way. Creativity is all around you and, once you see it, the immersion seems to come naturally.

Happy immersing. :)