Typeface v. Font

As confusing as this title might be, it's only a snippit of what needs to be said. As a designer, this argument is one of my biggest annoyances. Sure, I shouldn't expect the layman to understand or know the difference, but when a fellow artist doesn't use it properly, fumes suddenly exhaust from my nose and ears. Also, I do get angry when the layman doesn't know the difference, and I'm not afraid to correct them.

A typeface is a set of type elements as a whole. For example, Cambria (default Microsoft Word type) can be described as a typeface, as it includes regular, italic, bold, and bold italic fonts, ligatures, numbers, and glyphs etc.. However, Cambria regular--by itself--is considered a font (most commonly used in vocabulary). Yes, with all the typefaces and options floating around, it's a difficult comparison, so this might be the easiest way to decipher. A font is to a typeface as a song is to a CD. Fair? Okay, moving on.

As someone who is constantly looking for new typefaces and fonts, when I see a new one, it doesn't take long to use the "swipe left, swipe right" mentality from Tinder*. So when I stumbled upon this font today, I couldn't swipe left or right. I was frozen and gawking. And rather than explaining to you the many different feelings running through my body, I thought you might want to judge for yourself. Enjoy!

Jean-Charles Debroize | Art Director, Digital Retouching Artist | Kerozen

Incredibly horrific, yet extremely innovative. I'm not sure what genre that falls under.

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a Tinder user as I am happily in a relationship.