Type Anger

I stumbled across this video the other day..

And I cringed, I shook my head, I was shouting things like, "No!" and "Never!" It really got to me. I sent this video to a few of my designer friends who shared the same reaction: disgust, sadness, anger. 

And it wasn't two minutes later that I was perusing through Facebook, and someone who has taken on the characteristic of "Social Media Gahndi"--the people who post only and too many of the uplifting quotes--had shared another of their Gahndi photos. IN COMIC SANS.

I wanted so badly to follow my gut and let them know that Comic Sans is the ultimate sin. And when I tried to tell this story to others later, they kind of looked at me with crazy eyes. If I had the time, the pulpit, and the audience to explain why Curlz is just the worst, I would do it. I would travel the world with a tent and an elephant (because elephants are cool) and it would be the Typeface Revival, warning others of the pitfalls and where to turn. For whatever reason, I see myself doing this in a flapper dress.

And then I had another thought. I go through "phases of type." I will have my "go-to's" and the types that coordinate with specific styles. And they'll be my number one. That is, until a new type takes it's place. And it's a never ending refreshment of type. And this is a pretty good habit to have. Don't get caught following old trends, because God knows that Comic Sans was the coolest thing when we had Gateway computers and Windows '97 was released. (Just let it go.)

So, I have my little basket of typefaces in my heart that I reveal to no one. And when I see it being used on the trailer for HBO's new show, I get angry. "That's my type!" I yell. And even though I didn't actually make it, I begrudgingly spend countless hours searching for a new one, now that the world has my secret.

Isn't this hypocritical? I get angry when people use old, crappy types, but when people take my favorites, I'm just as angry? God knows I won't spend the time making my own type, unless I trip on acid with a insurmountable gauge of creativity or work for a foundry in Germany. (Germany did some good shit back in the day with foundries.)

I've come to terms with the idea that I will never be pleased. I will always scoff at Papyrus but will cry myself to sleep when another discovers my Ostrich Sans Inline. It's important for me to look at the in-between, and think positively about the differences in peoples' tastes. And even though it can be really hard, it's important to remember that a designers craft comes back to that taste, and that is what will separate the men from the boys. The people who understand the importance of Helvetica (whether you like it or not) and the people who print tri-fold copy in Mistral. 

And even though natural selection will take its course in design-type-separation, I think we can all agree that Comic Sans should be put to death.

This is my pulpit, and this was the first Typeface Revival meeting. If anyone could contact me on how to get the elephant, that would be greeeaaaat.